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2019 11 - date of new A14 opening revealed!

posted 12 Nov 2019, 02:49 by N Day   [ updated 6 Mar 2020, 10:01 ]
Highways England have revealed the date on which the new section of the A14 will be opened - it's the 9th of December! The full press release can be seen here:

Some of the junctions have been renumbered, and some of them are limited-access - for example at J23, if you are on the A1198 you can't head eastward on the new A14, nor can you leave the new A14 at this junction if you are heading westward. More details about the limitations can be seen on the PDF file available for download from the press release page, or by following the following link:

Slow moving vehicles will be prohibited from the new bypass and will be directed to use alternative local access roads.

Update, 10 Dec 2019:

A section of the new road did open yesterday as planned - see the story on the Highways England web site. Unfortunately, the opening was marred by large delays in the morning at the M11/A1 junction (see the Cambridge News article), and, according to last night's TV news, the new section has already suffered its first accident.

(This post was further updated 27 January 2020, to improve accessibility.)