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Additional Parish Council meeting

posted 13 Oct 2018, 08:00 by N Day   [ updated 31 Oct 2018, 03:49 ]
There will be an additional meeting of the parish council on Monday the 29th of October, to discuss three planning applications that need a response before the next regular parish council meeting is due. The meeting will be in the Reading Room at 7:30 pm, as usual. The agenda will be brief, concentrating on the planning issues listed below, but there will be the usual open forum for members of the public to raise any matters of concern.

The planning applications being considered are:
Also up for consideration is the S106 agreement for the discharge of obligations relating to application 0900906FUL: Erection of 4 dwellings with  garages and additional garage for No. 6 West Street Land at and including 6 West Street (ref 18/02170/S106.

A printable copy of the agenda is available here.