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Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment 2017

Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) October 2017


What is a Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment ( HELAA)?

To ensure a Local Plan is found ‘sound’ Local Authorities are obliged to demonstrate that sufficient, suitable land is identified to meet the housing and employment needs of existing and future residents of their district. The Council then has a responsibility to consider the suitability of these sites to meet the district’s needs. To ensure that is carried out in a consistent and robust manner against a fixed set of physical constraints/criteria. The full details of what a HELAA will be set out as part of the introduction to the consultation.

The HELAA consultation is not……

It is important to make it very clear that this is not a planning application, or should be seen as pre-determining a planning application. A planning application would consider the same physical constraints but would also consider impact on existing infrastructure, neighbour/ 3rd party comments, Town/Parish comments, the Development Plan itself ( planning policies) and any material considerations. For that reason planning applications are always considered on their own merits.

Why is the consultation only 4 weeks?

The Local Plan is on a very tight timetable. The statutory requirement is for 21 days but in consultation with the Council’s leader and the Planning Portfolio holder, HDC has extended the consultation period to just over 4 weeks but it cannot be extended beyond that date.

Full details of the HELAA and why it is required are also set out in the introduction to the consultation. To view the consultation please click on the link below. 4 sites are listed for Great Gransden.