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Traffic Safety/Speedwatch

January 2018
Speedwatch volunteers needed!
Why not make your New Year's Resolution
to be Part of the Solution?
We were disappointed to be unsuccessful in our bid for funding for our own adjustable Speedwatch Kit. However, using the loaned police equipment, the local Speedwatch Team hopes to resume sessions in earnest during February. 
Police Speedwatch Officer Mike Brooks has kindly offered to run a local Speedwach Training session, early this year, for anyone who could occasionally spare two hours as a Speedwatch Volunteer. 
Please contact
We are having a positive effect, but with more volunteers, we could have a much greater impact!
Just two hours of your time per month could make the difference between a viable team of three volunteers, or no session. 
                                                          Do please join us if you can.
The latest review of speedwatch data shows a 23% reduction of overall speeding during morning Speedwatch sessions by Audley Close, from 41% to 18% 

May 2017
The Parish Council has now applied for a Big Lottery grant to purchase an adjustable speedwatch kit: it will take up to 3 months to learn if this has been successful. We remain convinced of the value of speedwatch as a valuable strategy for road safety, as the latest figures show a reduction in speeding of 23% during sessions by Audley close since the scheme first began in 2015. 
Do please consider joining the Speedwatch team - three volunteers are required for a viable session, and we could do many more with a larger group of members
Next training session:
Cambourne Police Station, 10:00 Saturday 9th June
To book a place please follow the link

January 2017
The application  to the A14 Community Fund for funds to purchase speedwatch equipment was turned down. The Parish Council are due to explore other means of raising the necessary finance for this effective safety initiative. Last year 38 sessions were carried out, and figures show a notable reduction in speeding. The Speedwatch co-ordinator is keen to acquire equipment that will be adjustable to monitor both the new 20 mph zone in Middle Street, and the 40 mph area along Caxton Road.

The Traffic Safety sub-committee is currently working to introduce further new measures including:
- A speed limit buffer zone on Meadow Road. We would like to achieve a 40 mph zone here but are informed by the Police that this is not viable. However, the matter is still being pursued.

- Further speed reducing measures on the Caxton Road.

This year in 2017 we have seen installed:

- 4 fixing points for a flashing speed limit sign, on Eltisley Road, Meadow Road, and 2 on Caxton Road: by Audley Close and also the Playgroup crossing point.

- A 20 mph speed limit in Middle Street.

- Increased prominence of the pedestrian crossing to the Playgroup and Nursery near the Sportsfield, including tactile, buff-coloured paving slabs on each side of the crossing point, wooden marker posts, and new school crossing signs facing in both directions. 

- Re-painting of road markings and roundels.

The Parish Council welcomes input from residents on this matter, and the County Council will give credit to us for demonstrating consultation with the village and acting as a cohesive community.

Please email your comments to

Community Speedwatch

A team comprising 14 members has been trained by Police officer Brian Robins. The data collected will be valuable in supporting any claim for traffic safety measures that the Parish Council submits.

In order for a surveillance team to be viable, at least three members are needed. We still welcome new volunteers, and hope hold regular Speedwatch sessions throughout the 2017 as soon as daylight hours increase. Speedwatch is a positive and friendly activity which receives many comments of encouragement from passers by and has never resulted in any form of threat or unpleasantness, as might be imagined! If you might have even just two hours per month during rush hour to support us, you could make the difference between a viable team of three or no session.

If you would like to volunteer, 
please contact Debi Pearce on 01767 677086,