Your Parish Councillors

The table below lists the names, addresses and phone numbers of the current members of the Great Gransden Parish Council, along with the specific roles they have taken on. Below that, is another table giving information about the Parish Clerk, and the District and County Councillors whose wards include the parish.

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Great Gransden Parish Councillors

Councillor Address and roles

In The Chair:

Giles Scott

3 Eltisley Road
Tel: 01767 677412

  • Poor's Land Charity Trustee

Vice Chairman: Nick Ginn

3 Poplar Close
Tel: 01767 677780

  • Rep to the Sportsfield
  • Little Gransden Airfield & Gliding Club Rep

Michael Capps

Audley House, 11 East Street
Tel: 01767 677350

  • Tree Warden
  • Rep to Gransden Society

James Catmur

26/28 Church Street
Tel: 07770 580976

Nigel Day

The Old Mill House, 43 Mill Road
Tel: 01767  677142

  • Communications Officer

Peter King

3 Webbs Meadow
Tel: 01767 677326

  • Rep to the Reading Room Management Committee
  • Data Protection Officer

Andrew Pett

4 Baldwins Manor
Tel: 01767 679005

  • Poor's Land Charity Trustee
  • Safeguarding Officer
  • Traffic sub-committee
  • Playing Field Manager

Clerk and Local Councillors

position position holder

Clerk to the Parish Council:

Catherine Fox

37 West Street  
Tel: 01767 677846

  • correspondent to the Poor’s Land Charity

County Councillor:

Stephen Ferguson

9 Anderson Close
St Neots
PE19 6DN
Tel: 07525 987460

 District Councillor:

Richard West

40 Silver Street
Buckden, Cambridgeshire, PE19 5TS
Tel: 01480 811467

Last updated: June 2021