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NDP steering group meeting, February 2021

posted 20 Feb 2021, 07:00 by N Day   [ updated 26 Mar 2021, 15:08 ]
The NDP steering group held an online meeting on Wednesday February 24 at 7pm. The agenda and minutes follow.


1. Apologies

2. Declarations of Interest in the agenda of the meeting

3. Minutes of previous meeting of 13 January for approval

4. Open forum - 15 minutes for members of the public to ask questions.

5. Update on actions from previous minutes
  • Renewable Heating Project JK
  • Facebook postings DWP
6. Local Green Spaces DWP

7. Village boundary DWP

8. NDP document
  • Work to complete DWP
9. Consultation DWP

10. Next Meeting

11. AOB


Present: David Prest (Chair) DWP, Anne Constantine (Sec.) AC, Nigel Day ND, Jonathan Bonnett JB, Stephanie Beaumont SB, Martin Davies MD, Andrew Pett AP

1. Apologies

Apologies were received from Fiona Coulson and Jostein Kristensen

2. Declarations of Interest in the agenda of the meeting

AC declared an official interest as Chair of the Reading Room Committee in the County Broadband item to be discussed under AOB as CB offers free broadband to village halls as part of installation projects to households in rural villages. MD and SB also declared this interest as Trustees of the Reading Room.

The minutes were approved as a correct record.

4. Open forum.

There was no attendance at Open Forum.

5. Update on actions from previous minutes.

  • Renewable Heating Projec.
JK has confirmed that he will complete the GSHP tasks at the weekend.

  • Facebook posting.
The suggestions were circulated by DWP.

Action: All to volunteer to lead on one of the ideas and submit postings to Elaine Boyd. ALL.

Action: DWP to send the 2019 village quiz to JB.

6. Local Green Spaces.

DWP requested more justification for the proposed LGSs. It was felt that the Riddy was the only one that was rather light on justification. Two other sites were mentioned but these cannot be included until the landowners have been consulted and have agreed. In some cases there was insufficient evidenced public support. If members feel strongly about other sites, they need to email their support and justification to DWP. The corner of Fox Street and West Street was felt to justify inclusion.

Action: Emails to DWP about other sites that justify inclusion as LGSs with evidence. ALL

7. Village boundary.

DWP explained that the justification for the village boundary is a new proposal rather than starting from the old boundary. The two industrial estates will be outside the boundary unless HDC insists otherwise. Ownership of Sand Road Industrial Estate still not known.

Action: All to endeavour to find this out from friends etc. ALL

Action: DWP, ND, AC to meet again to finalise the proposal and the map and initiate conversations with owners of certain properties on the boundary.

8. NDP document

Sections still to complete are: Local Green Spaces; village boundary, a separate extract from the policies of the community action plans in a table; photographs, formatting. Does there need to be more on Views?

Action: ND to complete the formatting.

9. Consultation.

The Societies Fair should be feasible in late June/early July. It was agreed that it should be outside as far as possible and could therefore take place at the Reading Room.

Action: Provisional bookings to be made for the Reading Room and the village marquee SB

Confirmed that the dates of 26 June and 3 July have been provisionally booked.

Action: ND to put the supporting documents on the website.

Action: The draft document to be presented at the April Parish Council meeting.

10. AOB – County Broadband.

JB briefed the group on his discussion with CB and advised that it was worth looking into further. Key questions are: to what extent would customers be locked in and the rental costs.

Action: JB, ND and DWP to organise a forum discussion with CB.

11. Next Meeting

Wednesday 31 March via Zoom