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PC meeting, January 2021

posted 31 Dec 2020, 11:09 by N Day   [ updated 13 Jan 2021, 09:52 ]

Agenda for the Parish Council meeting on January 4, 2021

click here to get a copy of the agenda in PDF form, and the Clerk's notes are available via this link. The minutes follow the agenda, or you can click here to download a copy in PDF form.

From Catherine Fox, Parish Clerk:

The Next Meeting of the Parish Council will be held at 7:30 on Monday 4th January 2021 via remote conferencing on Zoom (Meeting ID 313 378 5045, Password 941083 or via this link) with Andrew Pett in the chair.

Please Note: Due to restrictions currently in place around COVID-19, there will be no physical meeting. Those who wish to comment on any item on the agenda are invited to join the Parish Council via ‘Zoom’. Councillors will not be making decisions about items not on the agenda. Any personal information given will be dealt with in line with the Parish Councils General Privacy Notice, full details of which can be found on the website.

All members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend for the purposes of considering and resolving the business to be transacted at the meeting as set out below.

1. Silent Prayer.

2. Apologies for absence.

3. Declarations of Interest.

(a) Councillors to declare any disclosable pecuniary interest in any items on the agenda;

(b) Councillors to declare any other interest in any items on the agenda.

4. Minutes. Consideration of the minutes of the meeting on 7th December 2020.

5. Open Forum for 15 minutes to enable members of the public to bring any matters to the attention of the Parish Council.

6. Matters Arising.

1. Neighbourhood Plan – report and update from Councillor Pett.

2. Entrance to the Park from Little Lane - Update.

3. Update on Windows and Doors – 18 Fox Street.

7. Cambridgeshire Acre. Renewal of membership.

8. Replacement LED Lantern – Crow Tree Street.

9. Risk Register Updates – Councillor J Catmur.

10. Multi-Use Games Area. To consider the cost/appointment of maintenance contractor.

11. Sportsfield Grass Cutting. To consider the Parish Council’s financial contribution.

12. Clerk’s Financial Statement.
For December 2020 and Budget Review.

13. Cheques/Payments for Approval.

14. Highways.
Any repairs or maintenance needed.

15. Correspondence.

1. Roadworks & events bulletin 1st - 15th January 2021.

16. Planning.

Proposed Greenhouse, hardstanding and re-siting of fence.
3C Fox Street, Great Gransden, Sandy, SG19 3AA.

17. Next Meeting. Monday, 1st February 2021 at 7:30 pm.


(these are to be considered draft until formally approved at a PC meeting - see home page)

Those present were:

  • Andrew Pett Chairman
  • Jeff Gorton Parish Councillor
  • Giles Scott Vice Chairman
  • James Catmur Parish Councillor
  • Catherine Fox Clerk
  • Nigel Day Parish Councillor                                          
  • Michael Capps Parish Councillor
  • Peter King Parish Councillor
  • Nick Ginn Parish Councillor                                                   
  • Lisbeth Ricciardi Parish Councillor

  • District Councillor Richard West

  • And 3 members of the public

1. The meeting was opened at 7:30 pm with a silent prayer. 

2. Apologies. Apologies were received from County Councillor Julie Wisson

3. Declarations of Interest. There were no declarations of interest.  

4. Minutes of the previous monthly meeting held on 7th December 2020 which had been circulated, were approved and will be signed accordingly by the Chairman.

5. OPEN FORUM. The meeting was closed for 4 minutes.

Councillor West informed the meeting that after the widespread flooding of the local area over the Christmas period, the Managing Director Joanne Lancaster had begun to set up local conferences for the purpose of bringing together key local representatives. The proposed attendees will be Chairmen and Clerks of Parishes that were affected, along with County and District Councillors and representatives of emergency planning agencies. These meetings will be held virtually and locations to be looked at will be those adversely affected by the flooding.

Councillor West commented that possible challenges for 2021 continue to include the Sand Road Development, the East West Rail Project and the A428. Consultations around the London Luton Airport Arrival Routes remain ongoing.

Councillor West confirmed that, on a positive note, HDC have been awarded future High Street funds for St Neots. This will mean that the town will attract new amenities that can then be utilised by village residents.

6. Matters Arising                

6.1 Neighbourhood Development Plan Councillor Pett reported that the NDP Steering Group had last met on the 9th December 2020. This meeting was a working meeting, looking at the development boundary proposal. Using the HDC criteria, the document had been reviewed again. The next meeting is scheduled for the 13th January and will also be a working meeting. It is hoped that following this, the draft will be finalised and will be then sent to Rachel Hogger and then ultimately submitted to HDC.

Councillors queried the timescales around this and asked when the draft would be viewable by the Parish Council. Councillor Pett informed the meeting that once the draft had been returned from Rachel Hogger, it would first go to the Steering Group for review before being presented to the Parish Council prior to its submission to HDC. Timescales for this should be February/March.

6.2 Entrance to the Park from Little Lane The entrance to the park from Little Lane remains treacherous. The increase in footfall has meant that grass at the edges of the concrete steps has worn away becoming slippery. The Parish Council agreed to purchase and install plastic grass protector around the affected area. To ensure that delivery is not impacted by the current pandemic, and that work to install it can begin while the school remains closed, it was agreed that this should be sourced via Amazon. Councillor King and Councillor Capps to liaise with Clerk to organise purchase and installation.

6.3 Update on Windows and Doors – 18 Fox Street Councillors noted the recommendation from Kathy Render for discharge of conditions following receipt of revised drawings. Once formal discharge on the planning portal has been granted, new quotations for works required will be obtained. The specifications required have substantially changed since the submission of the initial drawings and it was agreed that previous quotes would now not apply.

Councillors wished to pass on their sincere thanks to Jason Dixon for his help in providing the drawings required to secure discharge of conditions.

7. Cambridgeshire Acre Membership Renewal It was unanimously agreed to renew the Parish Councils membership of Cambridgeshire Acre at a cost of £57 for the year. This was proposed by Councillor Pett and seconded by Councillor Capps.

8. Replacement LED Lantern Crow Tree Street Councillors unanimously approved the quotation provided by Balfour Beatty for £462.07 ex VAT. (Proposed by Councillor Pett, seconded Councillor Gorton) All replacements are LED for longer life and better efficiency. In future, as more of the older lamps in the village fail, they will also be upgraded.

9. Risk Register Updates Councillors noted the updates to the Risk Register previously circulated by Councillor Catmur, in particular changes around the internet provision in the village and the financial viability of HDC/CCC.

Tilted balance had also been re-added as a relevant risk. It was noted that although the threat of tilted balance had for the moment receded, it remained a serious risk. This risk though lessened by the adoption of the NDP, is not removed entirely.

10. Multi-Use Games Area Councillors considered the quotations provided from Sportsafe UK and ROSPA for the annual inspections of the play equipment. It was agreed that as the MUGA does not have any equipment, it does not need to be included. The quotes were comparable, but it was unanimously agreed that taking into account recommendations from neighbouring parishes, ROSPA should be asked to do the inspections. This was proposed by Councillor King and seconded by Cllr Ginn. Due to ROSPA’s timetable of inspections, this means that the next one will be done in May/June.

11. Sportsfield Grass Cutting  The Parish council and the GSRA agreed that the standard of cut at the Sportsfield had been high. As the existing contractor, Buchans Landscapes and Grounds Maintenance were asked to re-tender for the 2021 season on the same specifications as for the 2020 season. Councillors unanimously agreed to accept the quotation of £2392.25 ex VAT. This was proposed by Councillor Ginn and seconded by Councillor Capps.

It was noted that in order to properly monitor the cost of the grass cutting and to help manage the budget, Buchans should be asked to notify the Parish Council in advance of any cuts being done that may result in expenditure over budget. Buchans will be informed that payment will only be made for additional cuts if the Parish Council are notified in advance

This was unanimously agreed. Clerk to specify this when accepting the quotation.

 12. Financial Statement for December 2020.  The sheet filed as Appendix No. 1 had been circulated.  The statement was unanimously approved and signed by the Chairman.  Councillors also noted the budget review as at the end of December 2020. 

The meeting paused for 11 minutes at 8pm to hear the Prime Ministers National Address around the pandemic.

13. Payments for approval.  The following payments were approved:

Proposed Councillor Pett, seconded by Councillor Scott.

1          Clerk’s expenses for December 2020                                                 £30.46

2.         Phil Reed Plumbing and Heating                                                         £120.00
            Attendance at RR Cottage (Invoice no 073)

3.         Phil Reed Plumbing and Heating                                                         £185.00
            Attendance at RR Cottage (Invoice no 078)

4.         ICO Data Protection Renewal Fee                                                      £40.00

5.         Cambridgeshire ACRE Annual renewal Fee                                       £57.00

6.         HMRC - PAYE (period ending 5th Feb)                                             £136.00

7.         Mr R McIntosh – Garden of Remembrance (Dec)                               £7.50  

Automated Payments payable January 2021

1.         DD                  BT – Broadband Reading Rooms                                £29.99
                                    (11th January 2021)

2.         SO                   Clerk’s Salary – December 2020                                £574.60
                                    (6th January 2021)

3.         SO                   Caretaker Salary – January 2021                                £544.16
                                    (28th January 2021)

14. Highways

14.1 There is a pothole developing next to the Windmill. Clerk to report to Highways.

14.2 The left-hand side of Mill Road (on the approach to the Windmill from Great Gransden) continues to deteriorate with parts now subsiding and falling away. Clerk to report to Highways.

14.3 A pot hole has developed on Middle Street near to Little Lane. Clerk to report to Highways.

14.4 Councillors discussed the responsibility for public footpaths, in particular the one that runs from Sand Road to Bourn which has become almost impassable. Unfortunately, this path is a sunken footpath which is on the lowest part of the land and therefore is liable to flood with water coming from the fields. In this instance, it was agreed that no reasonable action can be taken to mitigate this.

14.5 Cllr Pett confirmed that he had written to Ian Winfield of Highways to thank him for his help in getting the drainage problems within the village resolved.

15. Correspondence

15.1 Councillors noted the Roadworks and Events Bulletin for the 1st – 15th January 2021.

16. Planning


Proposed Greenhouse, hardstanding and re-siting of fence

3C Fox Street Great Gransden Sandy SG19 3AA

Councillor Scott raised the point that the original plans for the house had been altered to move the building away from the conservation area, and that therefore any building inside the area now may be viewed as contradictory. A hardstanding as proposed may be better suited to directly in front of the house itself – therefore not impacting the conservation area at all.

On balance, it was noted that the revision of the plans was to move the buildings further from the conservation area and did not apply to hard standings. Any works that create additional off-road parking therefore removing congestion on the public roads would have a positive impact for many.

After discussion, it was proposed that the Parish Council recommend ‘Approval’ on the grounds that there were no reasonable grounds to object. This was proposed by Councillor Ricciardi and seconded by Councillor Capps with 6 votes in favour and 3 abstentions.

16.2 The results of the official written report requested from Hayfield by HDC in relation to FFL (Final Floor Levels) of some of the new houses being built in Sand Road is still outstanding.

The Next Meeting has been arranged for Monday 1st February 2021 at 7:30pm. This meeting closed at 8:29p