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PC meeting, February 2021

posted 30 Jan 2021, 05:00 by N Day   [ updated 9 Feb 2021, 08:52 ]

Agenda for the Parish Council meeting on February 1, 2021

click here to get a copy of the agenda in PDF form, and the Clerk's notes are available via this link. The minutes  follow the agenda, and you can download a copy in PDF form.

From Catherine Fox, Parish Clerk:

The Next Meeting of the Parish Council will be held at 7:30 on Monday 1st February 2021 via remote conferencing on Zoom (Meeting ID 313 378 5045, Password 941083 or via this link) with Andrew Pett in the chair.

Please Note: Due to restrictions currently in place around COVID-19, there will be no physical meeting. Those who wish to comment on any item on the agenda are invited to join the Parish Council via ‘Zoom’. Councillors will not be making decisions about items not on the agenda. Any personal information given will be dealt with in line with the Parish Councils General Privacy Notice, full details of which can be found on the website.

All members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend for the purposes of considering and resolving the business to be transacted at the meeting as set out below.

1. Silent Prayer.

2. Apologies for absence.

3. Declarations of Interest.

(a) Councillors to declare any disclosable pecuniary interest in any items on the agenda;

(b) Councillors to declare any other interest in any items on the agenda.

4. Minutes. Consideration of the minutes of the meeting on 4th January 2021.

5. Open Forum for 15 minutes to enable members of the public to bring any matters to the attention of the Parish Council.

6. Matters Arising.
  1. Neighbourhood Plan – report and update from Andrew Pett.
  2. East West Rail Conference – Report from James Catmur.

7. Grass Cutting Contracts. Renewal of Cemetery contract.

8. Sports Field Licence Renewal.

9. Clerk’s Financial Statement. For January 2020 and Budget Review.

10. Cheques for Approval.

11. Highways. Any repairs or maintenance needed.

12. Correspondence.
  1. Elm Trees on Church Street.
  2. Proposed EWR station at Cambourne.
  3. Response from HDC planning enforcement re FFL (Final Floor Levels) – Hayfield Homes.
  4. Notification of Foxton Neighbourhood Plan – Resuming submission of public consultation period (12th Jan – 23rd Feb 2021).
  5. Moles at the Cemetery.
  6. Speeding along Meadow Road.
  7. Huntingdonshire Local Highway Improvement Panel meeting – Invitation to attend.
13. Planning.
    Repair works to external boundary wall, piers and railings.
    Gransden Hall 21 Meadow Road Great Gransden SG19 3BD.

  2. County Planning, Minerals and Waste Cambridgeshire County Council.
    Consultation on Our Local Validation List Requirements.
14. Next Meeting Monday 1st March 2021 at 7:30 pm.

Minutes of the Parish Meeting held on 1st February 2021

By remote conference

Those present were:
  • Andrew Pett Chairman
  • Jeff Gorton Parish Councillor
  • Giles Scott Vice Chairman
  • James Catmur Parish Councillor
  • Catherine Fox Clerk
  • Nigel Day Parish Councillor
  • Michael Capps Parish Councillor
  • Peter King Parish Councillor
  • Nick Ginn Parish Councillor
  • Lisbeth Ricciardi Parish Councillor
  • District Councillor Richard West and County Councillor Julie Wisson
and 2 members of the public

1. The meeting was opened at 7:30 pm with a silent prayer.

2. Apologies. No apologies were received.

3. Declarations of Interest. There were no declarations of interest.

4. Minutes of the previous monthly meeting
held on 4th January 2021 which had been circulated, were approved and will be signed accordingly by the Chairman.

5. OPEN FORUM. The meeting was closed for 18 minutes.

Councillor West informed the meeting that after the widespread flooding of the local area over the Christmas period, the Overview and Scrutiny Flooding Task and Finish Group had met on the 27th January. Work had begun on the review of flooding across the district and the associated responsibilities of all local authorities. There will be four meetings which will take into account additional evidence including witness accounts. This will then form the basis on which recommendations will be made to mitigate the impact of flooding after heavy rain in the future.

As District Councillor, Cllr West had also been assisting Cllr Pett in responding to a resident’s concern over the removal of the asbestos roof sheets from the garages at the bottom of Mandene Gardens. Cllr West confirmed that he had tried to contact Jim Finney but had yet to receive a response. Given the nature of the issue, Cllr West will continue to press for a response and appropriate action to be taken to ensure that any works possibly involving the removal of asbestos are conducted in line with proper procedures.

County Councillor Wisson confirmed that there would be a meeting to confirm the budget on 9th February 2021. This budget will be tight as Covid pressures have contributed to a difficult year. It is hoped that the libraries and recycling centres will be able to remain open; although the pressure on the system is significant. Currently it is anticipated that the Local and Mayoral elections in May will go ahead as planned.

David Prest spoke on behalf of the Tennis Club. The club are currently looking at undertaking substantial renovation works to resurface three courts and replace the wooden fencing around the edges. The total cost of the works is likely to be in the region of £40,000. Funding of £30,000 is available from the Amey Community Funding Scheme, with the additional amounts to be met by the Tennis Club itself. So that the expression of interest form to the Amey Community Fund can be completed, a letter is required from the Parish Council in support of the renovation and improvement initiative. Councillors unanimously agreed to provide a letter which could be used. Clerk and Chair to liase with the Tennis Club to ensure that all points are addressed.

In addition to this, the Tennis Club also have plans to install a water supply to the clubhouse. This will enable the installation of running water as well as a toilet, kitchen and a cess pit. There are various external funding opportunities available which the Tennis Club will explore. The Parish Council noted these plans and will look again when further detail is available.

6. Matters Arising

6.1 Neighbourhood Development Plan

Councillor Pett reported that the NDP Steering Group had last met on the 6th January 2020. As Chair of the NDP Steering Group, David Prest gave a short report to the Parish Council.

Most of the plan is written, however face to face consultations have been prohibited under Covid restrictions. There is both a Facebook page and a website page dedicated to the NDP which councillors and parishioners are encouraged to join and engage with. This is currently acting as a means of informal consultation. A draft version of the first part of the plan is currently on the website, the second part will be uploaded in the next 7-10 days. The NDP had applied for a grant with Locality which was awarded. Unfortunately, as consultations were unable to go ahead, this will need to be repaid at the end of the financial year and a new funding application submitted. As part of the Community Action Plan and in an effort to achieve a net zero carbon balance, the NDP Steering Group are looking at Ground Source Heat Pump systems for within the village. There is public money available for feasibility studies as a village-wide initiative, or as a smaller group or even individual properties. There is a broad scope of options available that will help pull ideas around this together in a more structured way. The next meeting of the NDP Steering Group will be held on 24th February 2021.

6.2 East West Rail Conference.
Councillor Catmur had attended the East West Rail Conference. No specific information was provided at this virtual meeting which covered more generic details of the plan.

7. Grass Cutting Contracts
Councillors considered two quotations for grass cutting at the Cemetery and Garden of remembrance. After due consideration and having taken into account recommendations from neighbouring parishes and overall costs, Councillors unanimously agreed to accept the quotation from The Mower Shed for the 2021 season. (Proposed Councillor Pett and seconded by Councillor Scott)

8. Sports Field Licence Renewal.
The licence for the sports field between the Parish Council and the GSRA is due to expire in March 2021.The original licence is dated 1990 but was varied in 1993 where it was extended for 28 years.

The Parish Council unanimously agreed to extend the agreement by a further 25 years, subject to agreement by the GSRA. (Proposed by Councillor Pett and seconded by Councillor Gorton) Clerk to draft a revised version of the Deed of Variation agreement to reflect new dates.

9. Financial Statement for January 2021.

The sheet filed as Appendix No. 1 had been circulated. The statement was unanimously approved and signed by the Chairman. Councillors also noted the budget review as at the end of January 2021.

10. Payments for approval. The following payments were approved:

Proposed Councillor Pett, seconded by Councillor Scott.

1. Clerk’s expenses for January 2021 £27.78
2. SSE – Street Lighting Dec 2020 £118.61
3. HMRC - PAYE (period ending 5th Mar) £136.00
4. Balfour Beatty – Q1307 Crow Tree St
Replacement Lantern
5. Express Matting Services Ltd £89.20**
*To be paid by electronic transfer
**To be paid by electronic transfer once goods have been received.

Automated Payments payable February 2021

1. DD BT – Broadband Reading Rooms
(11th February 2021)
2. SO Clerks Salary – January 2021
(6th February 2021
3. SO Caretaker Salary – February 2021
(28th February 2021)

11. Highways

11.1 There is a pothole developing next to the Windmill. Clerk has previously reported this to Highways but will do so again.

11.2 The pot hole has worsened considerably on Middle Street near to Little Lane. This has previously been reported to Highways. Clerk to report again.

11.3 A large and potentially very dangerous pothole has developed on Meadow Road outside Gransden Hall. Clerk to report to Highways.

11.4 The Sewer Cover outside Old Barn Farm on Meadow Road appears to be collapsing and will need attention. Clerk to report.

11.5 Animals digging are causing an issue on Hardwick Road. Clerk to report.

11.6 Councillors noted that, despite being cleared by volunteers, the drains on Waresley Road need to be cleared professionally to stop the road from flooding.

12. Correspondence

12.1 The Parish Council has sought to preserve the Elm Trees on Church Street for a prolonged period of time. However, it has become apparent that they are at the end of their lives and are no longer viable. Permission will need to be obtained from HDC for their removal, with the stumps to be killed and ground down; possibly to be removed completely in the next couple of years or so.

Councillors noted the report from Mr and Mrs Kokelaar on the Elm Trees and wished to thank them for their cooperation and support. At the time of the meeting, the report from OMC Associates (commissioned by the Parish Council) was not yet available. However, once it has been received, the Clerk will approach HDC for permission to remove with supporting evidence taken from both sources. This course of action was proposed by Councillor Pett, seconded by Councillor Scott and unanimously agreed.

12.2 Councillors noted the proposed location for the EWR station at Cambourne but will make no formal comment.

12.3 Planning enforcement at HDC had confirmed that the finished floor levels of the Sand Road development are in line with the approved scheme. Therefore, no breach of planning control has been confirmed. The Parish Council await the detailed explanation of how this conclusion was reached.

12.4 Councillors noted the Notification of Foxton Neighbourhood Plan – Resuming submission of public consultation period (12th Jan – 23rd Feb 2021)

12.5 Several residents had contacted the Parish Council to raise concerns over the increased number of mole hills in the cemetery. Councillor Gorton confirmed that over the past 25 years there have always been moles at the cemetery site. This is due to soil there which is sandy, moist and well-drained. It is felt that, as in previous years, the situation will resolve itself in the springtime and therefore at this time no further action will be taken.

12.6 Councillors noted correspondence from residents who were concerned about speeding traffic along Meadow Road. This has been discussed previously. Unfortunately, changes to the speed limit are not supported by the local constabulary despite numerous requests. Councillors agreed that speeding motorists pose a real threat to horses and also to pedestrians who are forced to walk in the road due to a lack of footpath. The Parish Council agreed to approach Highways for the relevant permissions to place appropriate signage. It was also agreed that the Parish Council would fund the cost of the signs and any installation costs. (Proposed by Councillor Scott, seconded by Councillor Pett and unanimously agreed). Clerk to contact Highways.

12.7 Huntingdonshire Local Highway Improvement Panel Meeting. The panel meeting to discuss the LHI Bid will take place on 24th February at 10.45am. Councillors discussed the feasibility study that had been provided prior to this meeting considering all factors that may prohibit its success Notably, the total cost of the initiative had been flagged at being over the £10,000 Cambridgeshire County Council contribution limit. This was partly due to a built-in contingency amount. In light of the importance of speed reduction measures and safety within the village, Councillors agreed that they would be prepared to increase the Parish Council’s contribution if necessary, to effectively guarantee the contingency amount and therefore secure the LHI Funding. This was proposed by Councillor Scott, seconded by Councillor Pett and unanimously carried.

Due to his work on the original bid application, it was agreed that if possible, Councillor Scott would attend the meeting on behalf of the Parish Council.

13. Planning


Repair works to external boundary wall, piers and railings

Gransden Hall 21 Meadow Road Great Gransden SG19 3BD

Councillors unanimously voted to recommend ‘Approval’ on the grounds that there was no reason to object to the planned repair works.

13.2. County Planning, Minerals and Waste Cambridgeshire County Council

Consultation on Our Local Validation List Requirements

Councillors noted the documentation but will make no formal comment.

Councillors noted the placement of shipping containers on the filled in ditch at the edge of the Sand Road Industrial Estate.

The Next Meeting has been arranged for Monday 1st March 2021 at 7:30pm

This meeting closed at 8:59pm.