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Playground reopening!

posted 1 Jul 2020, 05:05 by N Day   [ updated 16 Sept 2020, 05:45 ]
The Government ordered the closure of outdoor playgrounds at the start of the pandemic. Effective from Saturday, the 4th of July, this ban is lifted – but you still need to obey the requirements for social distancing. The government has issued the following advice to parents and users:
  • Children and parents must not interfere with closure measures where a playground remains closed. If it is closed then this will be for a good reason. Do not endanger yourself by breaching closure measures. Wait until the playground has been opened properly.
  • Maintain social distancing within the playground, according to the government’s latest advice.
  • If the playground is too busy then find another playground in which to play.
  • Wash your hands before entering the playground and after you have finished. Use hand sanitiser often.
Also, to reduce the risk of virus transmission, food and drink must not be consumed when at the playground.

The Multi-use game area (MUGA) is already open, but currently for use only by members of a single household at a time (or with up to one other person, provided proper social distancing is maintained).

DO NOT USE the MUGA or the playground if you are showing coronavirus symptoms, or if you or any of your household are self-isolating. Use of these facilities is at your own risk.